DPC: 6 decades of connecting ready buyers
to legitimate businesses in the Philippines


To enchant ready buyers with a quality user experience delivered by a team committed to a proactive customer service, innovation, and growth-driven strategic partnership.


The Yellow Pages shall deliver enchanted ready buyers to sellers at every customer touch point nationwide.

DPC Core Values

1.   Entrepreneurial Spirit
2.   Thirst for Learning
3.   Customer Driven
4.   Bayanihan
5.   Passion for Excellence
6.   Commitment
7.   Always with Integrity

A Legacy of Legitimacy

Considered as the Philippines’ most trusted brand in legitimate directory listings, the Yellow Pages traced its origins when American-based firm, GTE Directories Corporation produced the first-ever Manila telephone directory in January 1958.

Initially starting out as a section of “White Pages” directory, Yellow Pages gradually grew in volume, depth and reach as Filipino ready buyers grew dependent on the direktoryo for finding goods and services they urgently needed. Through the years, the Yellow Pages section became thicker than the White Pages. This significant change eventually lead to the birth of what is now known as the most comprehensive and accurate business listings directories - the Yellow Pages.

Birth of Directories Philippines Corporation

When the 1987 Philippine Constitution provision barring wholly-owned foreign corporations from running a media business took effect, GTE Directories (Philippines) Corporation was formed on June 20, 1989 to take over the operations of the American pioneers in the local YP business. The 70% Filipino company was organized primarily to publish telephone directories for PLDT and Pilipino Telephone Company.

On April 6, 1993, the Securities and Exchange Commission approved the name change of the Company to Directories Philippines Corporation (DPC).  By August of the same year, GTE/DC (Asia) Ltd. relinquished its 30% share in the company, thus making DPC a wholly-owned Filipino firm.

The following decade would see DPC surge into unprecedented levels of growth, signing agreements to publish over 30 provincial directories in Luzon, the Visayas and Mindanao for PLDT and several other telephone companies. In fiscal year 1998, the company hit record revenues of P1.5 billion.
DPC also co-founded the Asian Local Search and Media Association (ALSMA) – formerly known as Asian Directory Publishers Association, Inc. (ADPAI). A non-profit organization with member companies from 20 countries, ALSMA has been a venue for exchanging information and insights on industry developments in the Asia-Pacific region and around the world.


YP goes electronic, mobile and social 

In the emerging era of the digital world, YP created the Yellow Pages (YP) website in 1999 to make sourcing accessible/possible not just in print but also via Internet.

By 2007, DPC had made its debut it the mobile search space as well with its LUK4 service. With the growth of the internet, the company quickly established a multi-front presence online through the networks of DPC and yellow-pages.ph.

In 2010, the YP mobile app was made available to consumers. With user-friendly features within the app, consumers are able to source products and services without hassle.

To keep up with the emerging digital era, Yellow Pages also launched an e-book platform last 2016 to cater to internet users for both mobile and desktop.

Securing the future through strategic partnerships

Recent years have seen DPC embarking on strategic partnerships to amplify its competitive advantage.

To enhance SME’s reach to consumers digitally, DPC teamed up with US-based WebsPlanet, an online solutions company that specializes in website building and management. With this partnership, DPC was able to turbo-boost its YP Powersites offerings to its partners. Through template-based creation services, SMEs can now establish their presence online by having their own professional optimized webpage complete with analytics and support.

Aside from the PowerSites, DPC also partnered with GotU and Timify - two European companies that specialize in hyperlocal advertising & marketing solutions, for the creation of Facebook marketing solutions (YP FBoost) and online appointment tools 
(YP Timify) catered to SMEs. To further enhance the Yellow Pages experience among users and advertisers, DPC introduced a host of value added services (VAS) that include a free canvassing service and a 24/7 call center.

DPC has also been named Google Partner in the Philippines. This partnership has expanded the capacity of DPC to make SMEs visible and accessible to more consumers.

With all these developments, the Yellow Pages in the Philippines has evolved into a reliable tool for ready buyers in virtually every major customer touch point, online and offline. This, in turn, has spawned a wealth of potential YP advertising and marketing solutions, through which DPC can grow the business of its expanding range of partners.

At present, DPC aims to serve all types of businesses, from SMEs to large multi-national corporations, with its wide range of products that aim to connect these local businesses to ready buyers whenever, wherever, however.​​