Yellow Pages Platform

Wherever, whenever, and however you search, the Yellow Pages is the multi-platform network that provides you with trusted local business information.

The secret to success is finding the right people and businesses to work with. Whether it’s a successful personal project or a successful business, you need to find customers, suppliers, or partners who will help you reach your goals. The multi-platform Yellow Pages network is dedicated to helping people and businesses succeed by forming productive connections. Use the Yellow Pages to find trustworthy businesses that can help you. Be part of the Yellow Pages and be found by people actively searching for what you have to offer.

Build a Website With Us!

Give your business its own identity online with its own professional website using DPC’s web builder!

While it’s important for your business to have a presence in different social media platforms, it’s also important for your business to have its own website with its own domain that is part of the open web. Having a website on the internet is as important as having a physical office in the real world. With DPC’s web builder, you can have your own functional and multi-featured website using professionally-designed templates even if you don’t know how to code. We handle everything, from hosting, getting you a domain, and updating content.
Also, get additional features such as live chat, catalogues, and a business email, to let your website do more for your business.

Search & Social Advertising!

We help businesses be more visible on the world’s most popular search engines and social media platforms!

The digital world gets larger and more complex with each passing day. Marketing a business online means being seen in as many digital touchpoints as possible. So aside from our own Yellow Pages network, DPC also helps businesses market themselves on Google and Facebook with our solutions that take the guesswork out of online marketing.

A History of Trust

3 decades of expertise and trust.

We started out as the Philippines’ most trusted brand in legitimate directory listings with the Yellow Pages. Through the years, using our comprehensive experience with thousands of Philippine businesses, DPC has evolved into a full business solutions company, helping businesses from SMEs to large corporations in a myriad of industries and categories connect with ready buyers and each other by expanding into online, mobile, and social platforms.