Working at DPC

Associate, Learning and Growth

“…DPC, for me, is the most stable and complete [company]. [It] provides me with most of the things I need. [It also provides a] good working environment and programs that enhance my professional career.”

Ma. Cristina
Manager, Treasury
“I consider DPC as my second family. For me, the company’s success is also my success. DPC has equipped me with trainings and seminars that molded my personal and professional skills.  

To aspiring job seekers, join the dynamic team of DPC. This company will take care of your welfare and future. This company will give you a fulfilling career in DPC.”

Team Lead, PRM Support

“The generosity of the company really has an impact on me. My manager molds me not just on how I handle my work but also my attitude towards work.

Endless opportunities and learnings awaits successful candidates.”

Mary Joy
Supervisor, Sales Processing

“My work in DPC continues to be a challenge in a positive way. I am very fortunate to learn new and valuable skills.

To those who are searching for work and want to be part of DPC, brace yourself to a thrilling yet fulfilling and rewarding work experience when you become part of DPC family. “

Manager, Print Production and Delivery
“DPC is a benevolent company that offers its employees all the backing needed for one to thrive and prosper in its chosen career. I’m honored to be part of the DPC family and will always be grateful for all of the opportunity and financial blessings I have reaped in this company.”

Assistant, Leads Management

“I enjoy my stay in DPC because of the wisdom and learnings that I observed for the past 5 years. Also, the colleagues that surrounds me emit positivity and maturity allowing me to grow.”